Installing Connecting Rod Bushings

(Connecting rods removed from engine)

If clearance between piston pin and bushing is excessive, install new bushings in the connecting rods by noting the following points:

  1. Install new bushings on a press using a round block.
  2. Bring bushing bore to correct size by means of precision drilling,
  3. It is in no case permissible to rebore worn bushingS and fit these with oversize piston pins. State weight when ordering connecting rods,


If at all possible, connecting rod bushings should be brought to correct bore size only by means of precision drilling.

Only in cases of emergency, when precision drilling equipment is not at hand, or if economic reasons prevent the removal of crankshaft from the engine, is it permissable to ream the connecting rod bushings, and in such. cases only with a well guided reamer and with the greatest of care.
Last modified: Mon, 17 Jan 2005


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