Connecting Rods R/R

Special Tools

VW 310a Crankshaft bench mount


  1. Remove crankshaft and place into VW 310a bench mount (50 En).
  2. Remove connecting rod retaining nuts, remove connecting rods and caps.


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:
  • 1. Check connecting rod weight: Maximum permissible weight difference between connecting rods of one engine is 6 g ( 0.211 oz.).
  • 2. Check piston pin bushing. The piston pin should enter a new bushing under light finger pressure.
  • 3. Check connecting rod alignment and correct if necessary.
  • 4. Upon thorough cleaning of all parts install connecting rod inserts and assemble connecting rods. The identification number stamped into the side of the connecting rod and its bearing cap should be on the same side when assembled.
  • 5. Torque connecting rod retaining nuts to 4.5 mkp (32.5 lbs/ft).
  • 6. Visually check if connecting rod and its bearing cap have actually joined, that is, if no obstruction is in the joint.
  • 7. Minor stresses which may result from tightening the connecting rod retaining nuts can be relieved through light hammer blows. The connecting rods, oiled prior to installation, should tip freely under their own weight. Under no circumstances may bearings be dressed or reworked to fit.
  • 8. Check lateral clearance between connecting rods and crankshaft (0.15-0.20 mm) (0.006 to 0.008 in).
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