Flywheel Oil Seal R/R

Special Tools

VW 204b Crankshaft oil seal installer


  1. Remove flywheel. Inspect oil sealing surface on flywheel hub.
  2. Remove old oil seal.
  3. Clean the oil seal seat and apply a thin coat of gasket compound, If necessary, remove sharp edges from outer surface perimeter, making sure to remove any remaining filings.


  1. Install new oil seal using VW 204b oil seal installer; to install, screw installer into crankshaft end and tighten guide piece which carries the oil seal. The oil seal must rest at the bottom of its seat and must not be slanted in the installation process.
  2. Remove installer.
  3. Use new soft iron gasket.
  4. Instal flywheel; lightly oil the oil sealing surface (hub).
Last modified: Mon, 17 Jan 2005


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