912 Manual Cooling System Removal

Cooling System Remove

The cooling air shroud guides the cooling air to the cooling points. It is important to accomplish the assembly with care. The shrouds have to be installed in such way that no open areas or slits are created since loss of cooling air would considerably reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.
912_fig_43 The engine cooling system here.
912_fig_44 Remove aircleaners and hoses.
912_fig_45 Remove the breather hose...
912_fig_46 Euro heating hose removal.
912_fig_47 Remove shields.
912_fig_48 Remove mufflers.
912_fig_49 Disconnect distributor.
912_fig_50 Remove carburetors and v-belt.
912_fig_51 Detach oil lines.
912_fig_52 Remove distributor and fuel pump.
912_fig_53 Remove carrier supports.
912_fig_54 Remove the generator strap and withdraw the blower housing.
912_fig_55 Remove crankshaft pulley and pulley shield.

Cooling System Replace

The cooling air shroud should be reinstalled in reversed order of the above, making certain that the shrouds are well fitted and the spark plug rubber covers properly seated. Torn, porous, or otherwise defective rubber gaskets must be replaced, A 11 rubber parts should be kept free of grease and oil.
912_fig_56 Care must be taken in replacing the deflector baffles.
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