Crankshaft Pulley R/R


  1. Oil deflector
  2. Bearing 4
  3. Oil seal
  4. V-belt
  5. Spring washer
  6. Retaining bolt
  7. Woodruff key
  8. Crankshaft pulley


  1. Remove V-belt.
  2. Remove engine rear shield.
  3. Remove crankshaft pulley retaining bolt.
  4. Withdraw crankshaft pulley.


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

  1. Inspect crankshaft pulley, prior to installation, for good condition of its seat and belt running surfaces.
  2. Check for possible pulley runout.
  3. Check oil sealing surface of pulley.
  4. Check oil seal for absence of damage or wear, replace if necessary.
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