Removing and Installing Oll Seal at Bearing 4

Special Tools

P 73 Installer for oil seal at Bearing 4


  • 1. Remove crankshaft pulley (47 En).
  • 2. Withdraw Woodruff key.
  • 3. Deform old oil seal by striking it with hammer and punch through the recess slot in the seal sea t, withdraw oil seal.
  • 4. Withdraw oil deflector.
  • 5. Remove burr, if any, from oil seal seat.


  • 1. Insert oil deflector.
  • 2. Install oil seal with P 73 installer.
  • 3. Lubricate oil sealing surface on crankshaft pulley (smoothen if necessary).
  • 4. Insert Woodruff key.
  • 5. Install crankshaft pulley.
Last modified: Mon, 17 Jan 2005


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