Distributor Pinion Shaft R/R


  • 1. Remove distributor cap.
  • 2. Detach connecting wire from distributor.
  • 3. Remove hex nut which holds distributor base plate.
  • 4. Withdraw distributor.
  • 5. Remove fuel pump, insulating flange, gaskets, and actuating plunger (13 Fu).
  • 6. Withdraw distributor. pinion shaft by pushing up and turning to the left through orifice of fuel pump receiving flange.
  • 7. Withdraw thrust washer from pinion shaft base in crankcase (Caution - do not drop washer into crankcase interior).
  • 8. Withdraw spring from pinion shaft.


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:
  • 1. Inspect fuel pump cam and shaft pinion for wear. If pinion shows traces of wear, install new pinion shaft as well as distributor drive gear (bronze) on crankshaft.
  • 2. Inspect thrust washer at base of pinion shaft for wear, replace if necessary (Caution - do not drop washer into crankcase interior).
  • 3. Position piston in Cylinder 1 on firing point TDC and insert pinion shaft. The coupling slot in the pinion shaft is off center. When install!ed, the pinion shaft must be so positioned that the slot is directly perpendicular to the longitudinal engine axis with the smaller section of the pinion shaft top facing towards the crankshaft pulley.
  • 4. Insert spring into pinion shaft with the help of a welding rod or a thin screwdriver.
  • 5. Install distributor.
  • 6. Connect wire to distributor.
  • 7. A adjust ignition timing.
  • 8. Mount distributor cap.
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