Inspecting Pistons

912_fig_137 Piston diameter is indicated by size group stamped into the piston top. The individual size groups are shown in the [html:/912/manual22.html piston size table]. Piston measuring point is shown in Fig. 137.

In order to obtain precise measurement values, we recommend the use of a fixed dial gauge which has been preset with gauge blocks. Pistons showing evidence of seizure or wear are no longer serviceable; however, if the mating cylinder is in good condition, the fault can be rectified by installing only a new piston of the appropriate size group or letter designation.

Piston Measuring Points and Identification

Conspiculously broad bevel around the piston top perimeter.

Two compression rings above the piston pin, one oil scraper below the piston pin.

Nominal diameter measuring point shown by arrow [html:/912/912_fig_137 (Fig. 137)].
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