912 Manual - Engine Assembly

Engine Assembly

Again, the description leaves out a significant amount of information. A much better description is found in Harry Pellow's Secrets of the Inner Circle
912_fig_33 Now we can start putting the engine back together.

Reassemble engine in reversed order of the above ...More
912_fig_34 Assemble the crank and cam shaft. ...More
912_fig_35 Join the case. ...More
912_fig_36 Install flywheel, clutch and third piece. ...More
912_fig_37 Instal the pulley. ...More
912_fig_38 Time for the distributor, fuel pump and oil cooler.
912_fig_39 Pistons and cylinders...
912_fig_40 Heads. ...More
912_fig_41 Rocker arms...
912_fig_42 Finish with all the details. ...More
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