Removing and Installing Cylinders

Special Tool

P 8a Piston ring compressor, 82.5 mm diameter.


1. Remove rocker arms and rocker arm carrier, Remove valve pushrods and mark for reassembly.

2. Remove cylinder head and push rod cover tubes (25 En).

3. Withdraw cylinders, mark 1 through 4 as appropriate.


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:
912_fig_127 1. Check cylinders for wear, if necessary replace together with pistons of same size group.

2. The cylinder seat in crankcase and cylinder head must be clean at time of installation since dirt particles lead to cylinder distortion. Using a straight edge, check cylinder seats in crankcase for linear alignment of seating surfaces in relation to each other and, upon insertion of cylinders into crankcase, check alignment across the top of cylinders.

3. Use new gasket rings a t base of cylinders.

4. Check and oil pistons and piston rings. Ensure that piston rings are installed in appropriate locations (check "TOP" markings).

5. Stagger piston ring gaps 12 deg. apart with oil control ring gap facing up, compress rings wi th piston ring compressor.

6. Lightly oil cylinder bores and push onto pistons, Visually check the required clearance between the cylinder stud bores and studs, The studs must not touch the cooling fins. Clearance can be determined by turning the cylinders in their bases, If necessary, straighten studs.

7. Install pushrod cover tubes. Do not fail to install deflector baffles and supporting springs.

8. Tighten cylinder head nuts to 3 mkp (21. 7 lbs/ft) by following proper sequence.
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