R/R Cylinder Head

Special Tools

  • VW 157 Allen wrench adapter
  • VW 118 Torque wrench


This section assumes the engine is removed.
  • 1. Remove lower air duct, side shield, cylinder shrouds, intake duct and carburetor.
  • 2. Remove rocker box cover and unbolt rocker arm carrier.
  • 3. Remove cylinder head retaining nuts with A Allen wrench adapter (the 8 A Allen nuts are shown above and below the valve stems in the illustration above); remove washers located between the nuts and cylinder head.
  • 4. Withdraw cylinder head.


Installation is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

  • 1. No gasket is used between the cylinder head and cylinders.
  • 2. Insert push rod cover tubes. To ensure proper sealing at the tube ends between crankcase and cylinder head. the tubes must have the required length at assembly, that is, used tubes must be stretched at the bellows. The stretching should be accomplished with care so as to prevent possible cracking of the metal.
  • 3. When installing the cylinder head make sure that the new a-rings at the cover tube ends are properly seated; position the tubes weld seams up.

    • a) Sealing points in crankcase.
    • b) Sealing points in cylinder head.
  • 4. The cover tube O-rings are trapezoidal in cross-section.
  • 5. Prior to installation, lubricate 0 -rings used under the cylinder head nuts located within the rocker box.
  • 6. O-rings should not be coated with gasket compound.
  • 7. Ensure proper positioning of cylinder deflector baffles (compare profile of recess for cap nut and one for hex bolt).
  • 8. Place 1 washer under each cylinder head nut situated outside the rocker box.
  • 9. Coat cylinder head nuts with graphite paste tighten lightly. then torque to 1 mkp (7. 2 lbs/ ft) in sequence shown in the illustration.
  • 10. Torque cylinder head nuts to 3 mkp (21.7 lbs/ft) in sequence shown in the illustration.
  • 11. Pump oil into pushrods until it comes through at other end, and insert into pushrod cover tubes so that one end seats in the valve lifter.
  • 12. Install rocker arm carrier, torque retaining bolts to 5 mkp (36.2 lbs/ft).
  • 13. Install rocker arms.
  • 14. Torque rocker arm shaft retaining nuts (SW 13 mm) to 2.5 mkp (18.1 lbs/ft).
  • 15. Adjust valve clearance.
  • 16. Mount rocker box cover.


When installing the cylinder head make absolutely sure that the cylinders are properly seated in the cylinder head. If a misaligned cylinder head is tightened, it will most likely warp to the extent of being no longer useable.
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