912 Manual Engine Disassembly

Engine Disassembly

The description leaves out a significant amount of information. A much better description is found in Harry Pellow's Secrets of the Inner Circle
912_fig_16 The maunal calls out some special tools that are used for Dissembling and Assembling the engine. It is assumed in this series that the engine has been removed from the car. ...More
912_fig_17 Detach cable connecting coil and distributor, remove distributor cover.
912_fig_18 The shields are the horizontal sheet metal. Removing the exhaust system is often difficult after years of use but replacement parts are still being made, so a cut-off saw may be considered. ...More
912_fig_19 Remove air cleaners...
912_fig_20 Detach oil lines...
912_fig_21 The picture shows the Euro fan shroud and a braket used to hold the air hose. This is not included on the U.S. model.

Remove oil filler.
912_fig_22 Not mentioned are many details including the generator strap and that the generator can remain attached to the fan shroud for this operation.

Remove shroud retaining bolts. ...More
912_fig_23 Remove fuel pump and distributor...
912_fig_24 The rockers cover some of the access to the head studs, so must be removed first.

Remove rocker arms...
912_fig_25 Remove intakes...
912_fig_26 It would be good to take pictures of each stage of dissassembly to guide in reassembly.

Remove cylinder heads. ...More
912_fig_27 Notice that the U.S. models did not include the exhaust muffler brackets that are seen in this picture. ...More
912_fig_28 Remove oil pump gears...
912_fig_29 Remove third piece...
912_fig_30 Remove the clutch.
912_fig_31 Remove the crank shaft.
912_fig_32 Remove bearings and lifters.
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