Bay912.org Tech Session at Dave Loop European

The Bay912.org group did a field trip to Dave Loop European for a technical session on Saturday June 15, 2002. Dave's shop is in Del Rey Oaks, a small village between Seaside and Monterey, California.

The Cars

020615-1200 Here is part of the group gathering in Gilroy before leaving for Monterey. Several owners including Tim, Blake and myself were not able to bring their cars.
020615-1201 Since my car is in the shop right now, Asha let me take her car on the right.
020615-1212 Lisa was able to come over and show us her 1969 912. She has been doing a lot of work on it and it is very evident.
020615-1213 We are hoping this car will be shown eventually. It is really beautiful.
020625-1216 A very nice 911 track car.
020615-1217 Engine of the 911 track car.

The Shop

Dave Loop's shop has three car lifts. Cars waiting to be repaired included a 356 speedster, 356 cabriolet, '67 911 and 944. The shop is very clean.
020615-1214 The 911 in the foreground provided the pedal cluster and brake caliper for our demonstration projects.
020615-1215 The parts inventory is up the stairs. Peg boards above the work benches hold specialized tools.

Pedal Cluster Rebuild

020615-1205 The first project was to rebuild a pedal cluster. I had already done this job, so it was really great to watch someone who knows what he is doing and has all the right equipment. Here we have the drift pin being driven out of the clutch shaft.
020615-1206 I used a wire brush. He used a sand blaster to clean up the parts. I did a marginal job in an hour. His was beautiful in a couple of minutes.
020615-1207 I've started looking for a bead blaster on the Internet. This is a really cool tool.
020615-1209 Here is Dave with the base of the pedal cluster fresh from being cleaned by the blaster.

Brake Caliper Rebuild

020615-1220 The next project was to replace the seals in a rear brake caliper. Click on the links for details.
020615-1222 These brakes are off a '67 911 and have an alignment pin. Some models do not have this feature.
020615-1223 Cleaning the groves with a right angle pick.
020615-1225 Emory cloth is used to clean the inside of the caliper.
020615-1221 Ate, the brake manufacturer, makes an alignment tool which is designed to align the piston during reassembly.
020615-1224 So who makes those cool blue gloves? Here is the box.
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