Changing Ignition Warning Light



The ignition warning light (red) is connected between the B+ terminal and 61 of the regulator switch of the generator and lights up in the combination instrument on the instrument panel when the ignition is switched on. After starting the engine the light will go out as soon as the increasing charge voltage of the generator is equal to the battery voltage.


Switch on ignition, the ignition warning light dh the instrument panel must light up. Undo generator cable from terminal D+ 61 on regulator, the light must go out. If this is.not the case the cable is shorting to earth and this fault must be rectified. Reconnect cable to terminal D+ 61,

The light serves at the same time as a check on the V-belt and thus also on the cooling fan. If the V-belt breaks the generator and fan will remain stationary and the light will come on.

Changing the bulb

  1. Pull out bulb with holder.
  2. Push bulb slightly into holder rotate slightly and withdraw.
  3. Fit new bulb in reverse order.
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