Dismantling and Reassembling Generator


  1. Detach V-belt pulley and cooling fan.
  2. Undo field coil connection from brush holder of positive brush.
  3. Undo both generator housing bolts.
  4. Take generator housing apart and extract armature.
  5. Pull out ball bearings, After dismantling individual parts wash carefully in petrol and blow through with compressed air.


Reassembly should be effected in the reverse order observing the following points:

  1. Check armature, field coils, cable connections and brushes,
  2. Check ball bearings for wear and damage and replace if necessary. Wash bearings carefully in petrol and pack with Bosch grease Ft 1 V 33.
  3. Ensure correct connection of leads to brush holders,
Last modified: Sat, 15 Jan 2005


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