Removing and Refitting Generator


  1. Disconnect cable at generator.
  2. Detach V -belt.
  3. Remove clamp strip of generator.
  4. Undo fixing bolts on generator bracket.
  5. Undo four bolts on fan cover and extract generator.


When refitting the following should be noted:

  1. Ensure satisfactory condition of paper gasket on the generator bracket at the crankcase.
  2. Reconnect leads in accordance with wiring diagram.


Before fitment of the V -belt the generator should always be polarized to prevent any damage to the regulator and to ensure correct charging, For this purpose one should connect the battery lead for a short time to the terminal 61 D+ on the regulator, The generator must now start to run as an electric motor i,e. in the direction of rotation of the engine.
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