Electrical System Description


A 12 volt, 300 watt generator is utilized, The alternator charges the battery and supplies current to the electrical units of the car.

Engine Starter

An 8/10 HP - solenoid-operated starter is utilized. The starter is controlled by the ignition/starter switch on the instrument panel.


The six-cell, 12 volt, 45 Ah battery is located within the luggage compartment under the front lid. The negative battery terminal is connected to the ground.

Ignition System

The ignition system is battery operated and includes a high tension coil as well as a distributor which is equipped with a centrifugal spark advance mechanism. The distributor is driven by a worm gear mounted on the crankshaft, The ignition current is switched on through the ignition switch on the instrument panel.


The two headlamps are mounted in the front fenders and have high and low beams in each. Parking lights are accommodated in the front directional blinker housings. The parking lights and headlights are switched on through a switch on the instrument panel, next to the ignition switch, Instrument light brightness can be varied with the light switch knob by turning it to the desired position, Tail lights go on with headlights.

The headlights are dimmed with the blinker/dimmer/headlamp flasher switch located on the steering post below the steering wheel. A blue headlamps control light goes on in the tachometer dial when high beams are on,

The two tail lights are combined with stop lights and directional blinkers, Two small lamps illuminate the license plate in the back,

The stop lights are controlled through a switch mounted in the brake master cylinder and go on when the foot brake is depressed, The backup lights go on when reverse gear is engaged; the lamps are located in the tail lamp housing, the switch in the side of the transmission housing.

The interior lamps are located above the doors, The lamps can be turned on by tilting the entire lens. In the same manner, the lamps can be set for courtesy operating together with the opening doors.

The cigar lighter socket in the instrument panel can also be used for plugging in a hand lamp.

Electrical Accessories

The signal horns can be sounded through a horn button in the center of the steering wheel; the contact is made through a contact ring in the blinker/dimmer/flasher switch.

The directional blinkers and head lamp signal flasher can be actuated through switch lever in the steering post extension; the switch also controls the high and low head lamp beams. Operation of the directional blinkers is indicated by a green control light in the tachometer dial as well as through an audible ticking noise in unison with the flasher.

The windshield wipers and washers are actuated through a combination wiper/washer switch on the steering post. The fuses for the various accessories are located in the left part of the luggage compartment and are covered with a plastic top.


The speedometer and odometer are driven by a gear in the transmission by means of a cable drive. The tachometer is transistorized; electrical pulses emanating from the ignition system pass through a transistorized con venter and are fed into an electric counter in the tachometer unit.

The fuel level is indicated by means of a fuel gauge which is connected to an electrical sending unit in the fuel tank. In addition, the gauge has a low fuel warning light.


Repairs in the electrical system normally are confined to the replacement of worn or defective parts and the repair of the wiring system. In general, damaged wiring removed from the system should be replaced wire of same cross-section as shown in the wiring diagram. BOSCH components should be repaired by BOSCH service whenever possible.


To avoid shorting the circuit and minimize fire hazards due to electrical sparks, the battery ground strap should be removed from the battery prior to the initiation of any work in the electrical system.
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