Monterey Historics, 2003

We have been going to the Monterey Historics for several years and have been posting pictures of it on this site since 2000 (and if you look around a bit there are also some from 1998, the Porsche 50th Anniversary.

  • 2000 Monterey Historics
  • 2001 Bentley was the featured mark.
  • 2002 Chevrolet was the featured mark.

This year featured Ford and Bugatti. The '66-'69 Le Mans GT 40s were in great abundance. Along with Shelby's, Mustangs and many Ford powered formula cars.


From the sign:

In 1963, Henry Ford II nearly consummated a deal to acquired Ferrari, but Enzo Ferrari backed out at the last minute. That prompted Ford to launch an assault on the pinnacle of European sports car racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where Ferrari enjoyed a dominant position. The campaign resulted in the legendary Ford GT, a 40 inch-high coupe that enthusiasts quickly labeled GT40, a name that carried across the series of cars developed through the mid-1960s. This family of cars won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four years in a row - 1966 through '69.

The 1966 victory was by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, driving a Shelby American Ford Mark II. This car, powered by a 428-cubic-inch Ford V8, was the first overall victory for an American automaker in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The 1967 win by Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt was in a Shelby American Ford Mark IV, a car developed in record time after Mark IIs had not been competitive with the Ferraris in the '67 24 Hours of Daytona

The 1968 and '69 wins by John Wyer's team were in the very same car, GT40 chassis number 1075, powered by a Ford 302 V8. It was only the second time the same car had won two in a row; a Bentley Speed Six had done it in 1929 and 1930

The GT40 family won all of the world's major endurance races, and brought Ford the International Championship for Sports Cars in 1966 and '67, the International Trophy for Sports Prototypes in 1966 and '68 and the FIA Manufacturers' World Championship in 1966 and '68.
030818-3432 1966 Le Mans winner, Ford GT40 Mark II driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.
030818-3434 1967 Le Mans winner, Shelby American Ford Mark IV driven by Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt. This was the first all American win at Le Mans.
030818-3584 There was even a Ford Tri-Motor making slow circles overhead in the afternoon.


030818-3435 John Thornton looking at number 57, one of many Bugattis at this years Historics.
030818-3438 The steering wheel and dash of number 57.
030818-3538 This beautiful car caught my eye and didn't let go. There were no signs about it, so I'm waiting for some reader to tell me what it is.
030818-3441 Font view.
030818-3440 Early morning dew still covers the car.
030818-3458 1934 Type 59. Owner/driver Charles McCabe.
030818-3448 The body is characteristically secured with safety wire. Note the external brake linkage.
030818-3450 The Type 59 has a DOHC supercharged Bugatti engine. Most of those we've seen have been single over-head cam engines.


030818-3529 David Olson and John Thornton talking about his F1 car, a 1975 Parnelli VPJ 001.
030818-3527 They had a shift linkage problem that occurred at the morning practice session, but it was fixed in time to run the race.
030818-3528 Powered by Ford.
030818-3535 A period correct transporter.
030818-3532 Elf F1, ex Jackie Stewart


And there were some very nice Porsches, several of which we have not seen before.
030818-3542 Chuck Forge in his 356SL. This is one of the 3 356SL that were prepared for the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 356SL cars were rebuilt from the last of the original 50 aluminum bodied 356 made at Gemund Australia in 1950. After the 1951 season all three cars were purchased by the US Porsche importer Max Hoffman. Max sold one of the cars to John von Neumann who converted it to a convertible. Chuck bought the car in 1957.
030818-3548 The engines were changed to 1483cc before importing them to the U.S.
030818-3550 The cockpit of Chuck's 356SL.
030818-3465 3 Porsche Carrera Abarth GTL. The center one is the Ben Pon car owned and driven by Dean Watts that we have seen at the Historics before..
030818-3490 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, Chassis 550 041, owned by Bill Rerrone.
030818-3468 1967 Porsche 910, chassis 006 driven by Howard Cherry and John Higgins.
030818-3471 1959 Porsche RSK. Driven by John Higgins.
030818-3482 Porsche 906.
030818-3484 Le Mans 8th Overall.
030818-3487 Porsche RSK


Next year's featured mark will be Ferrari.
030818-3556 David Love behind his Ferrari TR250.
030818-3555 The engine of David's car.


030818-3587 Race fans.
030818-3590 The line through the corner as shown by a swarm of Loteses.
030818-3594 The first three places for the F1 race, a Brabham and two Tyrrells.
030818-3592 The fastest car on the track. 1974 Brabham BT-44.
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