Monterey Historics, 2001

My brother Rick and I spent Saturday, August 18, at Laguna Seca at the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races. I took a few pictures with the digital camera which are shown here and quite a few more black & that were taken with the Leica. Here is the first group of those, also of the Bentley Le Mans car.

I used two cameras on this trip. The color pictures are from my digital camera. The black and white are from an old Leica 35mm that was purchased a few weeks before this event occurred. I only had the 50mm lens at that time.

Here were the pictures taken at the 2000 Monterey Historic Races.


l15-23 Bentley was the featured mark this year. Back in the 20s and 30s the 'Bentley Boys' raced big green blown open cars at Le Mans and won that race 5 times in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929 (taking first, second, third, and fourth), and 1930.
l15-01 2001 Bentley Le Mans Car

Bentley returns to racing with this car at the 2001 24 hour race at Le Mans, France.
l15-02 This year they took 3rd place behind the winning two Audi R8s, an unexpected and remarkable feat until you remember that Volkswagen owns both Bentley and Audi and used the same engine for both efforts.
l15-04 This is that car. It does not look much like your normal transportation to the grocery store.


l16-06 Porsche 904 #60
l16-05 Carrera Engine in 904
l16-07 Porsche 917s placed 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the 1971 24 hour Le Mans race.
l16-08 Eduardo Baptista's 1958 RSK from Mexico.
l15-15 1958 Porsche RSK spyder 718.005.

May have been the most successful spyder ever raced. It produced the first podium finish at Le Mans (3rd place in 1958) driven by Jean Behra and Hans Herman. It won the 1501-2000cc class with its 1587 cc engine. It contributed to the '58 and '59 hill climb championships. It was the overall winner of the '59 Targa Florio. It was 5th overall and 2nd in class at the '59 Sebring 12 hour race.
l15-12 Porsche RSK with Carrera Engine. The engine is 1.6 liters and produces 160 HP at 7800 RPM.
l15-13 Carrera Engine has twin distributor, double overhead cams and Weber carburetors.

Even with a podium finish in '58, the RSK did not do that well at Le Mans. There was a DNF in '57, out with an accident. '58 was the best year with 3rd and 4th and two class wins. The 4th place car was driven by Edgar Barth and Paul Frere. A 3rd car did not finish.
l15-11 '59 had 6 entries and none of them finished the race. The highest factory finish was 23rd with two privateers placing 20th and 21th, but both of these retired with engine problems.
l15-14 Engine of Porsche 904-6
l15-20 Dean Watts Porsche 356 Abarth - Carrera engine.
l15-24 Dan Baker's 1960 RS-60, front view.
l16-01 This car took 5th place in group 3B on Saturday.
l16-02 Chasis number 054. Hood View

Other Items that Caught Our Eye

l15-16 Austin based track car
l15-17 Early Ford
l15-18 Changing gears
l15-19 BMW R60 Sidecar
l16-12 Lots of small tubing says this is a Masserati.
l16-13 Masserati
l15-07 Ford GT40
l15-08 Ford GT40
l15-09 The 'Cobra Flip-Top' CSX 2196 currently owned by Rick and Shar Mason. This race car was designed and build by Ken Miles for one race. Its mission was to demolish the Corvette Grand Sports at Nassau in December 1964.
l15-10 Cobra Interior View. It was built with a stripped and lightened body made of thin guage aluminum. It was nick-named 'The Flip Top' or 'The Super Snake' and featured a special aluminum Ford experimental NASCAR 390 CI engine putting out 500 HP in a 1600 pound car.

It was entered in the Tourist Trophy Race and the dream came true for Shelby since 2 of the 5 Corvette Grand Sports were also entered. By the end of lap 2 the car was 1/2 mile ahead, proving the point.

When the car was returned to Shelby America, it was rebuilt and used as a prototype test car for the 427 engine.
081801_464 These cars were among several in front of 2 semi-trailer trucks with Griot's Garage. This company sends out a very nice catalog of 'products for your garage' including tools, car care products, car covers and many other items.
081801_467 This 1966 Volvo P1800S has 1,969,450 miles on it, driven almost daily since purchased new.
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