Monterey Historics, 2000

The 27th annual Monterey Historic Auto Race at Laguna Seca August 18-20, 2000. Thomas Dyall, my wife Ashas grand nephew, visiting from the island of Reunion in the south Indian Ocean, and I went to the races for a couple of hours on Sunday the 20th. There were no early 900 series cars that we saw. Perhaps there were some earlier in the week. There were many 356, and at least 3 904 and 3 RS60, but no 550s that we saw.

The great part of going to this event is the paddock area is open to all ticket holders. You have a chance to see all the cars up close and even to talk to some of the participants.

911 Series Porsches are still in production so there are no 911s or 912s to be found.
043-969-6 Thomas Dyall in front of the Ex-Ben Pon 904 GTS. Thomas was visiting us from his home in Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar. This 904 took 2nd in class and 8th overall in the 1964 24 hr of Le Mans.
222-133-13 Porsche 904/6 - another Le Mans Veteran in the 1965 race but retired while leading class and 5th overall when the engine failed.
222-133-15 904/6 Engine
222-133-22 Porsche 904
222-133-24 Porche 904 (#133) Drivers window
222-133-25 Porsche RS60 Type 718
043-969-1 RS60 Cockpit
043-969-2 RS60 Rear Engine Grill
043-969-16 Rear view of Porsche RS60
222-133-10 Abarth Carrera 356
222-133-11 Carrera Engine in Abarth 356
043-969-18 On the starting grid for the first race on Sunday.
222-133-12 Masserati ready to race.
222-133-20 1959 Maserati Typo 60
222-133-19 Maserati Typo 60 Cockpit
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