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McLaren F1


"The F1 was created as the purist driver's car, compact and above all ultra-lightweight. It also embodies the most advanced engineering, intricate and eligant detailing and peeless quality.", Gordon Murray.

Engine: 6 liter aluminum alloy V12, double overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder. 627 horsepower, 479 ft lbs torque.

Transmission: Transverse 6 speed with limited slip, carbon/carbon triple plate clutch, rear drive.

Suspension: Double wishbone front and rear with coil springs and gas shocks.

Brakes: Brembo monobloc alloy calipers, 13" diameter front, and 12" diameter rear cross drilled ventilated rotors.

Wheels/Tires: Magnesium alloy 9" x 17" front and 11.5" x 17" rear with Michelin 234/45 ZR17 and 315/45 ZR17 asymmetrical tires.

Body/Monocoque: Carbon fiber

Weight: 2500 lbs.

Performance: 0-60 3.1 sec. Quarter Mile 11.1 sec. Top speed 222 MPH.
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