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Jesse Silverman, Welder


I was able to do it as a novice welder. I had taken a class and had guidance from someone with more experience than me. If you don't feel comfortable welding, than this project or the welding portion of the project is not for you.

After finishing welding take a 4.5 in. angle grinder and take all your welds down to be flush with the metal around them. This will provide a nice finish to the project. My welds did not look perfect, but my final product looked nice after grinding. After I finished grinding I put down two coats of por-15 and then covered that with a coat of standard black paint. On the bottom I sprayed on some undercoat. I then reinstalled the gas tank, suspension and bumper and the car was ready to go. I saved myself $1500, but I did put a lot of time and effort in, I learned a lot and had a great time and isn't what this is all about anyway?
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