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Jesse Silverman - Welding


In order to duplicate the factory spot welds as close as possible with a MIG welder I used a method called plug welding. The reason for drilling all the holes in the pan was for the plug welding. In order to use this method you must have a MIG welder with a gas shield, the flux core will not give you the results you want.

Once you have the welder, the plug welding is fairly simple. I found the easiest and strongest method was to first use scrap metal to get the settings right on the machine, you should get a crackling noise as you weld. After the welder is set, take your welder and put the wire in the center of a hole you drilled and just hit the button. It should heat up the piece of metal in back and then the molten metal will spread out and fill the hole. I found this to be best because if you start too close to the edge of the circle you drilled the metal melts away faster and you don't get as good penetration to the piece of metal in back. Make sure to keep switching sides as you weld so that you don't get one area too hot.
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