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Jesse Silverman - Remove the Gas Tank


After the suspension has been removed it is time to remove the gas tank. First drain the gas tank through the drain plug at the lower rear end of the tank. Continue by removing all hoses from the tank, the engine feeder hose on the bottom, the vent hose and the gas filler hose on the top. Once the tank is drained and all hoses detached there are three clips that are bolted down with allen head screws, one in the front middle and one on each side(if it helps, the clips were originally painted gray). Once all the clips are removed, more than likely the gas tank will be fairly stuck. What I did to remove the tank was to get a 2x4 and place it on a jack underneath the tank. I had someone else hold down the front of the car while I jacked up the gas tank. It should eventually pop out.
Last modified: Mon, 18 Aug 2003


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