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Jesse Silverman - Remove the A-arms


After setting the car up, the next step is to remove the front bumper and the A-arms. Here is one way to remove the A-arms. Take off the bolts and support at the front of a-arms. Next unbolt the two large bolts with cotter pins that attach the A-arm to the shock absorber through the ball joint. I left the ball joint and shock dangling from the upper mount the whole time, with brake attached and all. After the a-arms have been freed of these 5 bolts on each side it is necessary to remove the torsion bar. The removal is done by taking the rubber end caps off, and then removing the c-clip from in front of the bars. To get mine out I had to tap on the bar from the other end. When the torsion bar is out the a-arms should just slide off. To remove the bumper there should be three bolts on an adaptor on each side and then a fourth bolt that attaches near the outside of the fender wall.
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