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Jesse Silverman - Pan Restoration


The first step is to get the parts you will be needing, mainly the suspension pan and the gas tank support (Yes, you need both!). I purchased mine from Restoration Design. I was very satisfied with their customer support, but as I learned later my piece was manufactured incorrectly. The three holes that the a-arm bolts to were not spaced right, something I learned after welding the pan in(Doh!). Their explanation was that it happens once in 50 pans or so and is outsourced to a laser alignment center. I found this to be a little disturbing, so I urge you to check that your piece is made correctly beforehand by bolting everything together before welding. The other issue I had with fit was that the gas tank support piece was slightly different than mine and had to be slightly modified to fit correctly. I believe this problem occurs because I have a short wheel base car and the support may have changed in later years. I would probably say that most places you buy from will give good results, but if you can buy locally do so, that way you have someone you can deal with in person. You must also buy a gas tank seal, this is just some sticky foam that can be had at Kragen for $5.
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