912 Inventory

So what did I get with this thing?
Item Picture Description
1 080-809-16.jpg 1996 Porsche 912 Karmann body, NR. 457 862, Paint Code 68-6608-G (Aga Blue by Glasurit). Engine Serial 748 130.
2 080-809-1.jpg Mounting Instruction for the 912 Engine. This is a factory manual that the original owner purchased when he picked the car up in Europe.
3 080-809-2.jpg 911 Workshop Manual. This is the other factory manual that the original owner purchased when he picked the car up in Europe.
4 080-809-3.jpg Porsche 912 Driver's Manual.
5/6 080-809-4.jpg Porsche 912 Service Book. No. 57857. The dealers stamp is Dr.-Ing. h.c.F. Porsche KG. Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen Porsche-Strasse 42 - Fernruf 89141. Delivery Date 27.6.66. Chassis Serial Nr. 457.862. Engine Serial Nr. 748.130. Odometer reading was 22.

Porsche Service. A list of Porsche Service Stations Europe-Overseas. The local dealer we use is listed as 'San Jose 95126. Anderson Motors 550 W. San Carlos Street. Tel. (408) CY 7-9292

7 Porsche 911/912 Accessories Price-List. Publication W 191. September 1965. Indicated prices will be charged only if the accessories are ordered together with the new car. Example: 9101. 901.361.031.00. Hub cap with colored emblem, 4 pieces $4. 9127. 901.731.111.00. Outside rear-view mirror (standard equipment for delivery in Germany, left. $3.40
8 Porsche Accessories 911/912. Part numbers and some pictures of the parts priced in the booklet described above.
9 901.801.015.20. Roof ski rack with 8 leather straps (for 2 pairs of skis). Price book shows these at $15.50.
10 Miscellaneous shipping documents including Freight Bill, Shipping Advice, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Insurance and Customs Entry Document.
11 Spare fan belt
12 Generator pulley wrench
13 Spark wrench
14 Plastic plugs probably for the doors.
15 Generator cover.
16 Original tire guage.
17 Float level guage for Carburetors.
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