Ignition Switch

Craig Norton of the Bay 912 group sent some pictures that he took while rebuilding the ignition switch on his 1969 912.

He bought a used ignition switch from Parts Heavenand took both apart and moved the tumbler mechanism from the old to the new so the old key could be used.
cn-ignition-contacts The diagram of the switch.
cn-ignition-69_912 A lot of current can go through this switch, particularly at start up. Over time the switch can become high resistance.
cn-retainer-clip The retainer clip has to come off.
cn-rear-connector-removed Remove the rear connector.
cn-contactor-removed The contactor slides across the contacts on the back of the connector.
cn-plastic-piece-removed Under the contactor is a plastic piece.
cn-tumbler-removed Finally the tumbler can be removed.
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