Hood Strut Replacement

There are two struts that hold the hood open and collapse when the hood is closed. It is common for them to stop working - they don't hold the hood open.

I installed the 'life-time' hood struts today - no doubt the last time, depending on whose life they are talking about.

They are mounted using pin and a clip as you can see below. Three of the four ends are easy to install. The last is harder on those cars that have the fuses mounted near the bottom end of the strut.
030602-1831 On the early cars the problem is the bottom end of driver's side stut. Access is tight and the wiring harness gets in the way.
030602-2357 The hard part is putting the clip in the pin.
030602-2359 My solution was to put in the pin from the outside to the inside. Then I opened up the clip with a pair of needle nose pliers and secured it with some masking tape.
030602-2360 I was able to lift the wiring harness, go under it with the needle nose and slip the clip into the hole in the pin. When I pulled the needlenose free the clip snapped around the pin and masking tape came free with the needlnose.
Last modified: Mon, 02 Jun 2003


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