Open House at Hi Tec Automotive

Hi Tec Automotive is an independent Porsche-Audi repair facility in San Rafael that hosted an open house and tech session for the Redwood Region following a breakfast run. They have been in business for 18 years and include a number of vintage racers as customers as well many long term Porsche owners.

This is the shop I selected to rebuild my engine and since they are over 70 miles from my house through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge, I don't get to visit the shop often during business hours. Joining the Redwood region group was a good way to check on the engine as well as wander around looking at some nice hardware and talk to some interesting people.
040313-l0203 Behind the awning is the main garage entrance to Hi Tec. In the foreground see three different Porsches with the same paint code and although you might not see the difference here, three different colors. I have one paint code on my car and 5 different colors so we should not be surprised.
040313-l0195 The main thrust of the meeting was a discussion of what the owner should do to prepare his car for autocross. The example car is a Hi Tec early 70s 911S. This car has been converted to Boxster brakes, so it would have to compete in a class for modified cars. Soon there will be a 3.6 liter engine installed, hence the need for bigger brakes. On the right in the blue shirts is Hi Tec owner Deven Wailes, Dana his brother and engine man and Brandon Cook, a mechanic.
040313-l0197 Here is Deven working the crowd.

Now that we see the event, lets look around.


I was third in a line of 4 cylinder engines when I dropped mine off. The story of my engine is on another page. Here are the other engines in the shop.
040313-l0183 They were just finishing a top overhaul on John Thorton's #902 race car. Note where the external oil filter and cooler lines are coming from. One fitting is common with the 356 the other is from the high pressure side of the oil pump.
040313-l0175 Next was Bruce Ross' 356 race car. Notice the difference in the oil sumps and the fittings for the external oil filter. The wrapped hose contains the tach drive - mechanical on the 356. The other AN fitting is the oil return line from the oil filter.
040313-l0192 The third engine is for a customer 912. I like the gray fan shroud, but it was the color of the 'Super' engines of the late model 356. 912s were shipped with black shrouds from the factory.
040313-l0193 As you can see, it is in the final stages of construction.

Bruce Ross Likes 356

040313-l0199 His cabriolet made in Belgium by D'ieteren in the parking lot, next to a very nice 912 - mine. Actually, standing side by side you can see big differences in finish and preparation of Bruce's car. Mine is embarrassed.
040313-l0202 Bruce's race car. They will be racing at the CSRG races at the end of March. We'll be there too.
040310-l0176 Exhaust plumbing on the 356 race car. There is a special ceramic coating on the exhaust that is designed for a lower heat transfer than stock. More heat goes out the pipe, less stays under the engine bay.
040314-l0180 Transmission on the 356. There is a family resemblance, but nearly all the details are different than the 912.
040313-l0178 The Fram spin-off oil filter is in the wheel well. The inlet side attaches to the engine after the internal pressure regulator.
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