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Hemmings Motor News, ``the bible'' of the old car hobby, announced its 13th annual ``top ten'' picks of ``sleeper'' cars, overlooked collector cars which appeared in the November, 2000 issue of Special Interest Autos, its bi-monthly collector-car magazine.

(9) Porsche 912, 1966-69

Perhaps the greatest sports car ever built was Porsches 911. The ultimate drivers car, it offered exceptional handling, fantastic brakes and a high- revving flat-six air-cooled engine that was as powerful as it was reliable, all in a cozy fastback body. With the 911s price tag too steep for what some enthusiasts can afford, Porsches entry level 912 makes a perfect alternative sports car for those willing to accept a reduction in power. With either a 90 or a 102 horsepower flat-four instead of Porsches distinctive six, the 912 rewarded its drivers with slightly better handling than the faster 911 due to the 912s lower weight and better balance. The 912s maintenance costs are notably less than the 911 too, since parts for the four-cylinder engine are cheaper and fewer. Everything else on the 912 is nearly identical to its more powerful sibling which means just about every body panel, trim piece and mechanical component is available, along with a huge after market offering of performance parts. Weak and rusted floor pans can be problem on northern climate rust belt cars so watch out. Judging by the ads in Hemmings Motor News, about $6,000 will get you a 912 in really good condition.
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