Head Light Upgrade

I dropped one of the headlight lenses while changing the rubber seal which had dried out and broke the lens. I called Strasse for a new lens, but they are not available through the parts chain. Either I should find a used one or upgrade. I decided to upgrade to the Bosch H4 units which come as a complete assembly, and Strasse included the lamps. It is a 20 minute job to replace if there are no problems such as rust in the head light bucket.


235-328-5 Here is the original head light. The removal screw is the one on the bottom. The other two screws are for head light adjustment. The bottom screw is backed out until it is free. There is a small rubber washer that is designed to capture it, but this washer was deteriorated enough on my car so as not to work for it's intended purpose.
235-328-7 Here is the rubber seal being removed. The new seal fits into a groove in the fender. Evidently it is common rust to occur in the head light buckets, but there was no evidence of such problems in my car.
235-328-9 The mounting screw had a piece of rubber tubing over it used to capture the screw in the head light assembly. I used a razor blade to shorten the tubing to about 1/4 inch. The connection bracket is quite close to the edge of the bucket as can be seen in the previous picture.
235-328-10 The head-lamp seats on a ridge at the top of the bucket requiring that you push down on the top of the headlight to fit it before the bottom mounting screw can be secured.
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