Porsche 2002 GT2

It is not very often we get to see one of the new exotics, and when the opportunity to see one made by our favorite manufacturer we thought it was worthwhile grabbing a few images.
020119-683 You will not see many of these on the highway. They expect about 250 to be shipped to the U.S. this year depending on how well they are received. It is a production based racing car that is intended for the street.
020119-684 Aggressive and distinctive styling Porsche describes as "modest and discrete". About 10% more horsepower than the latest 911 Turbo and 221 pounds less weight. These side vents provide air for brake cooling.
020119-678 There is a center opening at the front edge of the hood that lets air over the luggage compartment to provide down force. The air comes in the center bumper opening and goes through a heat exchanger.
020119-679 456 hp.

3175 lbs.

0-60 mph in 3.6 sec. 0-100 kph in 4.2 sec.

Quarter mile in 11.9 sec at 120.6 mph.
020119-680 Engine air enter here.
020119-681 The tires are 235/40R18 on the front and 325/30R18 on the rear. The yellow calipers cover 6 piston aluminum calipers on the front and 4 piston on the rear that work against 13.8 in. ceramic rotors.
020119-682 There is a Club Sport version with a roll cage and six-point belt for the driver that can not be imported to the U.S. for street use. The U.S. version also has a smaller gas tank to accommodate some emission system extras.
020119-690 325/30R18 tires on the back are wide. There is no spare nor room for the tire in the car if it were to go flat.

It is the fastest production car ever produced by Porsche (ignoring the 20 "street" GT1s made to homolgate the Le Mans winning entry) and currently holds the Nurburgring lap record.
020119-692 There is not much here that looks like a 912.
020119-687 Sticker shock. We decided not to drive it home. MSRP is about $70K less than this.
020119-672 The last view. Imagine going around a bend in the middle of the night at some rapid rate and driving over some wet leaves. How delicate is your throttle foot with 456 hp on tap?
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