Generator Wires

This project is not recommended because it servers no useful purpose, but I've been annoyed with the wiring harness from the voltage regulator to the generator ever since I routed it incorrectly around the right side throttle linkage. It interfered with the throttle and nearly forced me off the road because the idle speed kept increasing and was over 2000 RPM when I got to the house. The solution at the time was to reroute it away from the linkage.

This change is patterned after John Thornton's 902 race car as installed by the Emorys at Parts Obsolete.
030831-3631 But finally I just pulled out the old harness which is arguably not in the best of shape. At the generator end, the colors of the two heavy gauge wires were both orange.
030831-1929 Left behind was an extra wire at the rear firewall which is part of the standard 900 series harness for this model and was used for the 911 and not the 912.
030831-3632 I used 3 pieces of 12 gauge wire threaded through some shrink wrap tubing and routed the wires directly between the regulator and the generator rather than around the back of the engine as is done by the factory harness.
030831-3633 Here is the regulator end of the new arrangement. The color coding is the same as the old harness. There are labels on both the generator and the regulator connections that must match each other.

  • White - D-
  • Red - D+
  • Black - DF
Last modified: Sun, 31 Aug 2003


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