Gas Tank Vent

When I was adding some brake fluid after bleeding the brakes the other day I noticed the tubing connected to the gas tank vent was no longer connected. It looked like a piece of plastic 'Tygon' tubing has dried out and shriveled up, now hard and brittle.


020502-625 The vent is just behind the gas level sensor. The tubing connects to a U-shaped pipe that vents out the bottom of the car. In my case, as shown here, if the tank is full no doubt the gas sloshes out the vent. I probably have been loosing a gallon or two off the top.
020502-628 Here is a good look at the offending tubing which is now too short to even reach the outlet tube. The outer diameter of the tube is 0.30 in., a common size on the car for gas lines and an uncommon size for readily available tubing.
020502-630 Replacement 1/4 in replacement tubing forced on the end of the fitting. I've used this several places and is slightly too small inside diameter, but it does stretch enough to be attached securely.
Last modified: Tue, 05 Feb 2002


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