2003 German AutoFest

The German AutoFest is a two day Porsche show that takes place at the Ventura Seasside Park and is a gathering place for 912s. It includes an indutry show, concours, literature, for sale corral, and swap meet.

Ventura is 320 miles from our house in San Jose. We drove down early on Saturday morning, arriving about 11:00 and came home on Sunday. Activities included some meetings and dinner with the 912 gang on Saterday night. I didn't see the literature show, but spent time at the other events.
030913_3734 Jeff Trask's 1969 Targa and 25 more 912 at the early 900 Porsche parking corral.
030913-3731 Another view of 912s. There were people standing around talking about this nice cars all day.
030913-3736 Will from Classic and Speed Parts showed some nice vented brake upgrades for 912 and early 911 cars.
030913-3740 Will offers a variety of kits including engine hardware, throttle linkages, gasket kits and full flow oil filters.
030913-3742 There was a meeting of representatives of early 900 series groups including 912, 911T, 911S and RGroupe to discuss common interests.
030914-3752 The swap meet included one 912 project car for $1750.
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