Fuel Pump Repair

To rebuild the fuel pump, start by ordering a Fuel Pump Kit. I got mine from Gabe at Strasse (877 944-9911). This kit comes with a couple of gaskets, the fuel pump screen, diaphragm assembly, coupling pin and 6 screws to mount the upper assembly to the lower.

The whole pump must be removed from the engine. It can not be repaired in-place. A small piece of sheet metal must be removed to get access from below the car to the lower mounting nut. Before removing the pump from the engine, mark the pump body near the top bolt hole. These bolt holes are not symmetric with the center line of the the pump. Marking will help in reassembly.

Note the orientation of input fuel pipe which comes out in the same direction as the top bolt hole. You will reassemble the same way.


020211-745 I've been smelling gasoline for a couple of weeks. I found and wrote up one problem where the gas tank vent hose needed to be replaced. The smell persisted. Finally, today I checked while the engine was running and noticed a small stream of gas falling just below the fuel pump. It appears to be on the high pressure side because it stops as soon as the engine stops. The plate on the filter is tight.

The last tank of gas was 22 mpg - higher than average. The leak must be getting worse because there was quite a bit of fuel coming out this morning.

After removing the pump, the only thing that seemed to be a problem is the screws holding the pump membrane could be tightened - in spite of the lock washers under the heads . After tightening I dropped a bit of locktite on each of the screw ends hoping they will stay in place better than before.

After reinstalling the pump is now dry again with the engine running.


The manual has several articles on the mechanical fuel pump.

Last modified: Mon, 11 Feb 2002


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