Carburetor Specifications

 Carburetor type  Solex 40 P II-4  2 per engine
 Venturi (K)  32  2 per carburetor
 Main jet (Gg)  0120  2 per carburetor
 Air correction jet (a)  180  2 per carburetor
 Idle metering jet (g)  57.5  2 per carburetor
 Idle air bleed (u)  1.8  2 per carburetor
 Accelerating pump  72  1 per carburetor
 Pump jet (Gp)  50  2 per carburetor
 Accelerating pump nozzle  high -type with O.4 restrictor  2 per carburetor
 Float needle valve (spring -loaded) 175  1 per carburetor
 Float  7,4 g  1 per carburetor
 Emulsion tube  Nr. 25  2 per carburetor
 Main jet carrier  6  2 per carburetor
 Intermediate metering ports  1.7; 1.4; 1.0 
 Injection quantity (warm season)  0.45 cc (7.3 minims) from 2 strokes, each nozzle 2 nozzles per carburetor
 Injection quantity (cold season)  0.65 cc (10.6 minims) per carburetor from 2 strokes, each nozzle 2 nozzles per carburetor

The main jet size is of great importance when operating at considerably varying altitudes for which the following rule-of-thumb may be applied: Change main jet size by 60/0 for each, 1,OOO m (3.280 ft) altitude variation, For example, normal jet size at an altitude of 400 m (1,312 ft) is 0120; proper jet size for an altitude of 1,400 m (4.592 ft) is 0115.
Last modified: Wed, 12 Jan 2005


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