Fuel System Description

The Fuel System Consists of the Following Major Components:

  1. Fuel tank
  2. Fuel lines
  3. Mechanical fuel pump
  4. Two double - throat downdraft carburetors with air cleaner

The fuel tank is located under the front lid beneath the luggage compartment. It has a capacity of 62 liters (16.4 US gal.) of which 7 liters (1. 8 US gal.) are the reserve.

The fuel supply line leads to the fuel pump through the frame tunnel.

The fuel pump is actuated by a cam, machined into the distributor pinion shaft, over an actuating plunger.

Each bank of two cylinders has one double-throat downdraft carburetor with ail accelerating pump.

The air cleaners or induction silencers remove dust and dirt from the induction air.
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