Disassembling and Reassembling Carburetor

  1. Remove carburetor
  2. Remove retaining screws from carburetor cover, withdraw cover with gasket.
  3. Remove float with pin and intermediate swivel joint.
  4. Remove four accelerating pump retaining screws and remove pump.
  5. Remove main jet carrier with jets.
  6. Remove idle air bleed and idle jets.
  7. Remove air correction jets and shake out emulsion tubes.
  8. Remove injection nozzle retaining screws and carefully withdraw the nozzles making certain that nozzles are not bent in the process.
  9. Remove both pump jets and accelerating pump check valve.
  10. Remove power enrichment jets.
  11. Remove idle mixture adjusting screws.

  12. Loosen preatomizer set screws.
  13. Pull out preatomizers by first freeing with a gentle twist.
  14. Loosen and remove venturi set screws.
  15. Pull out venturis by first freeing with a gentle twist and then carefully lifting these out, making sure they do not bind.
  16. Remove burrs in venturi which were caused by set screw pressure.

Inspection and Reassembly

Reassemble in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

  1. Check float needle valve and seat for wear (leak test).
  2. Fuel line connector threads in cover must not be damaged.
  3. Check condition of gaskets, replace if necessary.
  4. Ensure that accelerating pump diaphragm is in good condition.
  5. Check float for leaks, replace of defective.
  6. Ensure that all jets are of proper size by comparing specifications on page F 11.

    When replacing jets or check valves, ensure that only genuine SOLEX-stamped parts are used. The parts are carefully calibrated to permit precise settings and low fuel consumption.

  7. Install venturis. When installing the venturis make certain that the venturi throats face up. that is, the writing on the venturi tubes should be seen from above. Firmly tighten venturi set screws but do not overtighten.
  8. Check radial clearance of throttle shaft. Excessive clearance allows false air to pass through and impairs engine starting and idling. .
  9. Inspect idle mixture adjusting screws; bent, burred, or broken needle tips call for replacement of the screw,
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