Cleaning Carburetor

  1. Remove carburetor.
  2. Wash carburetor with clean solvent.
  3. Remove retaining screws from carburetor cover.
  4. Withdraw carburetor cover, watch float pin retainers.
  5. Remove float pin and float.
  6. Remove main, idle, and pump jets.
  7. Remove air correction jets and shake out emulsion tubes.
  8. Remove power enrichment and idle air bleed jets.
  9. Remove float needle valve assembly.
  10. Clean all jets and ports
  11. Reassemble carburetor.

    The carburetor should be cleaned in a utensil containing clean solvent. All jets and ports should be cleared with compressed air. In no case should wire or other mechanical devices be used for cleaning the jets because the calibrated orifices can be damaged or enlarged.
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