Removing and Installing Carburetor



  1. Unsnap air cleaner fasteners.
  2. Remove air cleaner.
  3. Remove air cleaner base plate.
  4. Detach carburetor linkage from throttle arm.
  5. Detach fuel line.
  6. Remove four carburetor retaining nuts from carburetor flange.
  7. Withdraw carburetor.
  8. Cover intake duct.


Install in reversed order of the above, making sure that the gaskets seat well and the linkage does not bind.

Changing Air Cleaner Cartridge (KNECHT -Filter)

  1. Remove center screw from filter housing top and pull out.
  2. Withdraw filter housing top by pulling up.
  3. Replace cartridge.


Inspect square plastic foam gasket, replace if necessary.
Last modified: Mon, 10 Jan 2005


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