Reconditioning Fuel Pump



  1. Remove cover retaining hex bolt.
  2. Remove cover and fuel screen.

  3. Remove six fillister screws which secure the upper assembly, withdraw assembly.

  4. Rest the lower assembly of pump on the diaphragm supporting disc, push spring retainer down with pliers, remove lock ring, spring retainer, and spring.

  5. Withdraw the diaphragm-plunger-spring assembly from lower pump casting. Ensure that there is no grit around the lock ring groove in plunger to prevent damaging the oil scraper.
  6. Remove coupling pin from actuating plunger with a punch, detach diaphragm from plunger.

  7. Remove self-threading fillister screw from inlet valve and remove leaf spring valve and valve limiter (outlet valve cannot be removed).
  8. Clean pump components with gasoline.


Reassembly is accomplished in reversed order of the above by noting the following points:

  1. Check outlet valve in upper assembly for proper functioning.
  2. Check sealing surfaces of inlet valve.
  3. Install leaf spring valve and valve limiter, check for proper operation.
  4. Reconnect diaphragm with plunger with the pin, check free movement of plunger in diaphragm coupling. Center coupling pin in plunger.
  5. When mounting pump upper assembly. ensure that the diaphragm is not creased. Evenly tighten screws in cross-sequence.
  6. Check gasket at pump cover, replace if necessary.
Last modified: Tue, 21 Dec 2004


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