Removing and Installing Throttle Linkage


  1. Remove floor mat to gain access to opening in floorboard.
  2. Detach throttle rod at ball joint of cross-shaft at air blower housing.
  3. Remove gearshift lever base retaining screw (hex head).
  4. Withdraw gearshift lever with base.
  5. Remove handbrake lever with base.
  6. Remove attaching clip of throttle rod through freed openings.
  7. Detach throttle rod from rear cross-shaft ball joint joint (beneath transmission).
  8. Pulling rearward, withdraw throttle rod.


Note the following during installation: The ball joints and all moving joints of the cross-shafts should be well lubricated. Ball joint lock nuts must be well tightened.
Last modified: Tue, 21 Dec 2004


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