Greater Valley Concours 2001

The Greater Valley Concours d'Elegance, Fresno, CA.

For the second year, nearly on the anniversary of the 912 purchase, my brother Rick and I went to this, the second PCA Zone 7 Concours of the season. We drove the 912 and parked it in the Porsche corral, sponsored by the friendly folks of the Sequoia Region.

We left San Jose at 7:30 AM, driving south on U.S. 101, took state hi way 152 over Pacheco pass through Los Banos then south on U.S. 99. It was 54 degrees as we got on 152 cooled by the overnight fog that had rolled in from the ocean. When we left Fresno, it was 106 degrees. An interesting an fun day.

There were 2 912s in the Concours. One was Ken Testa's white '68 Targa that we saw last year and the other was shown by Glenn Jensen.


052001-317 Here is the front row of the Porsche section. I did not count the total number of cars entered, but it must have been around 20.
052001-327 And part of the back row of the Porsche section. The two 912s can be seen in this shot. Ken's white Targa is third from the left and Glenn's coupe is on the right.
052001-311 My first 912 was a '67 this same color. Surprise, Glenn had one then also in the early '70s. Why didn't we keep them? I sold mine for more than I paid for it after flogging it pretty well using it as a ski car in Oregon, driving from Beaverton to Mt. Hood several times a week all winter. I put a lot of miles on it and the only repair bill was $64 for a new generator.
052001-314 Notice the slight flair on the fender wells. This is a long wheel base car which added 57 mm (2 1/4 in) behind the doors. The over all length remained the same.
052001-322 The interior of the '69 car. Glenn told us that he will be rebuilding the seats. A local shop is able to put new foam which should build them back to original height and comfort.
052001-321 The engine of Glenn's '69. He still has the original air cleaners. I suspect this engine may score well with the judges because of originality.
052001-312 Compare the '68 engine on Ken's '68 car. The smog pump has been removed. It was mounted on the sheet metal in back of the motor mount. Ken's car has been converted to Weber carburetors and new air cleaners.
052001-329 Here is the awards ceremony for the Zone 7 PCA event.
052001-323 There was a wide variety of other case at the show including some nice hot rods, '56 Chevy's - but I didn't see other '50s versions - Jaguars including a lovely XK120, some other British sports cars, and a few BMW's.
052001-318 But the best was this 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante. Absolutely stunning. It won Best of Show and the Peoples Choice awards.
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