Greater Valley Concours 2000

Greater Valley Concours, Fresno CA. My brother Rick and I went to this event, the first PCA Zone 7 concours we have visited. Drove the Boxster. There was one 912 in the Concours. Talked to Ken Testa, the owner of that car, and several others.

I learned about changing the seats to those from a 944.
080-809-9 Ken's 1968 912 Targa. This was the first time the car was entered in a concours. It tells what the judges were looking for - and what he should work on.
080-809-8 Drivers mirror and radio antenna.
080-809-14 Rear view of the Gross Polluter. The smog pump had been removed by a previous owner. The car originally had a soft rear window which had been changed to glass.
080-809-10 Interior. There are quite a few differences between this car and my '66. I particularly like the Nardi steering wheel.
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