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Gallery - Nicole and Mike Feaver


Mike says:

My name is Mike from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I bought a 67 912 in May 2000. I have the engine out now for new gaskets, seals and clutch. Then on to wiring, seats, etc. - 10 Dec 2000

Right now I have the engine out and stripped down so once that is back in the car in the spring, I think the next task will be to tackle the wiring. I may just put in a new harness if I can find one and add back all switches I can at that time. - 13 Dec 2000

The body is in storage for the winter (as I don't have a garage). My engine work is continuing and the parts will soon be ordered - big things are clutch and pressure plate. The rest of the problems were really gasket related. The killer for me is having to get parts from CA - the currency exchange at 50% hurts! None the less, Automotion can get me parts in 2-3 days so that is pretty good. I continue to check out the site every couple of days and read more about your project. Your detailed explanations will assist as I tackle different aspects of the car - this is my first Porsche. I'll send along some pictures in the spring once the engine gets back in place. - 25 Feb 2001
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