Removing the Engine

We removed the engine of Craig Norton's 1969 912 today. The whole process took a little over 2 hours. There were five us working on it and it probably could have been done more quickly with two people.

The reason for dropping the engine was the insulation was peeling off the firewall and needed to be replaced. Cleaning the compartment and gluing in the new engine pad is much easier with the engine removed.
021019_1383 The rear panel that holds the license plate was removed, first by removing the bumper horns.
021019_1384 We put the rear wheels on ramps by lifting the side of the car with a long throw hydraulic jack.
cn-02 The heater hoses have to be disconnected
021019_1387 Many items need to be disconnected under the car since we removed both the engine and the transmission.
021019_1388 More items have to be disconnected in the engine compartment. The text with the picture includes the list.
cn-03 The shift coupler must be disconnected behind the seats.
021019_1391 We used a Craftsman Motorcycle jack to drop the engine. It has wheels on it and a wide base so the engine and transmission were easily dropped down an wheeled out from under the car.
rh-016 The motorcycle jack matches up nicely in width on the engine.
cn-04 The hydraulic jack was used to unweight the rear engine mounts while the bolts were being removed.
021019_1393 Here is the engine on the fully compressed jack.
021019_1394 Another view of the engine out from under the car.
021019_1397 An underside view after the engine was removed.
021019_1401 A view of the right side of the empty engine compartment.
cn-01 Here is the final product, an empty engine bay.
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