Heat Exchanger with Exhaust Pipe R/R


Engine removed, applicable to 356B/T6 Heaters.


  1. Remove engine rear shield.
  2. Detach clamps from holders.
  3. Remove exhaust muffler (12 En)
  1. Remove nuts from front and rear flanges
  2. Remove securing claws from both exhaust pipe ends.
  3. Remove retaining bracket and sheetmetal cover from heat exchangers
  4. Remove lower duct shroud front and rear.
  5. The heat exchanger can be withdrawn after removal of the front or rear flange front the cylinder head.


Installalation is accomplished in reverse order of the above by noting the following points:

  1. Straighten flattened or bent pipes.
  2. Prior to installation, check parts for proper sealing.
  3. Use new gaskets.
Last modified: Wed, 19 Jan 2005


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