Emeryville Field Trip

We took a field trip to Emeryville today. I wanted to replace the fan shroud on my new engine because the old one has some stress cracks in it.


c02-11 We went to Easy, an east bay Porsche salvage yard. Saturday mornings are something of a legend here. The coffee is on. The people are family.
c02-08 They recently bought the Porsche inventory of a couple other salvage yards.
c02-09 A couple of targas and a couple of 356 are visible here.

Fantasy Junction

021221-1633 A couple of blocks from Easy is Fantasy Junction which specializes in collectible European cars.
021221-1635 The car out front was a Tatra V8.
021221-1606 The most interesting Porsche was this ex-Jo Siffert 917/10.
021221-1609 Flat 12. Restored with factory support.
021221-1608 1985 962 #110.
021221-1611 2 time Le Mans runner
021221-1612 Won Monza in 1985.
021221-1620 1965 Lotus 23. Fully restored.
021221-1622 S/N 23S-88
021221-1617 1964 Alfa Romeo TZ-1.
021221-1624 s/n AR750028.
021221-1614 1955 OSCA MT-4 LeMans
021221-1627 S/N 1169
021221-1630 Ex-McAfee, Considine and Leyden
021221-1631 Fully restored.
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